This site is here to help you get more out of your life. No pills or magic, just the science of psychology--the study of human behavior. Here we look at the research of human behavior and understand how to use it.

If you are interested in business, we will look at things like how to make more sales or get and keep more customers by using the science of psychology. Are you a waitress wondering how to earn more tips? The science of psychology shows you how. Curious about how to write add copy? The science of psychology shows you how. Learn more: Business and Money

Are you a parent trying to figure out how to get your toddler or teenager to listen. The science of psychology shows you how. Are you a teenager concerned about how to deal with your parent? The science of psychology shows you how. Learn more: Parenting and Family

Wondering how come you sometimes get in your own way in working with others or relationships?  The science of psychology can give us insight. How come your great intentions often fall apart. The science of psychology shows you how. How come it is so hard to motivate yourself, your children, or your partner. The science of psychology shows you how. Learn more: Relationships

No tricks just scientifically backed information

All the information on this site is free. I'm a science geek and my goal is to make the difficult research articles usable. I'll do the hard part and wade through the science journals (I really do like it) then I'll tell you what I learned in plain English. [If, however, you like my information and want to buy one of my books for a present for a friend or yourself I won't complain.]

On this site, skepticism rules.

Feel free to share the articles, but please, keep my name and links attached so your friends and colleagues can find their way back to this site. Big Thanks.


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