SB 1172 upheld, Ban on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld SB 1172.

This legislation bans mental health providers from performing Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (“SOCE”) to patients under the age of 18.

The court followed the scientific evidence, in my opinion

The study of human behavior, psychology, has often been controlled by public opinion when it comes to human sexuality. Unfortunately, fear of outrage from the religious sector has all too often held psychological research and treatment by the throat.  I have worked with a few therapists over the years that were sure that their bible trumped scientific knowledge. This is troubling. Therapists have the right to their faith and their opinions, but they do not have the right to reinterpret scientific evidence based on religious dogma.

Today we are one small step closer to allowing science to help treat mental illness, avoiding the loud minority of practitioners who believe that Sexual Orientation Change Efforts was appropriate.


Read the court opinion: ‎


FYI: Chana Wilson, a psychotherapist, reported on the court hearing in the Huffington Post. Read her posting.